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Granite- Marble-Engineered Stone

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An igneous rock, granite starts out as magma and slowly crystallizes beneath the Earth's surface.

I.  From the Earth's Core

II. Harvested from Quarries

III. Slab Facts

Granite slabs are approximately 108"-128" long and 56"-72" high by 1 1/4" or 3cm thick.

These underground granite deposits are found all aruond the world in exotic countries such as Brazil, China, Finland, and India, as well as the United States.

Stone Origins


Engineered Stone/ Quartz


MapofIgneousRocks GraniteSlabs

I. From Granite

This man-made stone is 93% composed of crushed granite.


II. Bound by Resins

The remaining 7% of quartz is made of up binding agents, resins usually derived from epoxy, polyester, and color pigments to supplement the natural stone's coloring.


I. From Limestone

Mable begins a s limestone, a sedimentary stone primarily composed of calcite and found commonly in shallow waters from organic sea debris.


II. Recrystallization

When exposed to high temperatures and pressures, the stone's calcite undergoes recrystallization, turning the limestone into marble.

MarbleCave MarbleHarvest

III. Marble Harvest

The marble is then cut out from the earth in massive blocks, sliced down to smaller slabs akin to those of granite, and shipped accross the world.

III. Molded to Perfection

The crystals and resins are mixed and poured into a set mold, then entering a special vacuum which combines vibration and pressure to even out the quartz slab on both the top and bottom.