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Granite- Marble-Engineered Stone

Liberty Township/ West Chester, Ohio

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Think Outside The Kitchen

There's virtually no limit to what you can design with our stone products. Choose from a wide range of products and styles that meet your specific needs.

Options Include:

• Kitchen countertops

• Bathroom countertops

• Waterfalls

• Fireplaces

• Front desks

• Window sills

• Custom showers/ bathtubs

• Laundry room counters

• Artwork

• Book Stands

• Tombstones

• Shelves

• Lawn Sculptures

• Fountains

• And much more!





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Granite is the result of large deposits of magma cooling and crystallizing beneath the earth's surface.

Granite Fun Fact!

This makes granite very resistant to heat damage and therefore the perfect stone to incorporate around your stove or fireplace!

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OMAX Maxiem 2040

Zelaya Stonework's new fabricating machine!

OMAX Maxiem 2040

Our new waterjet fabricating equipment has limitless design potential!

The OMAX Maxiem 2040 can cut virtually any material with state-of-the-art precision.

See what we can do for you!

Waterjet Elephant

Granite Sculptures

Aluminum Artwork

Waterjet Spool Art Structure (2)

Marble Floor Inlays

Waterjet Marble Inlay

Glass Towers

Waterjet Glass Tower (2)